How Can You Avoid Abortion If You Have Unwanted Pregnancy?

Facing an unexpected pregnancy can evoke feelings of nervousness, fear, and overwhelm, prompting consideration of available options. Most women prefer to terminate their pregnancy through a certain professional medical doctor. 

However, abortion may not be the right choice for everyone. Additionally, evolving abortion laws and increasing restrictions in some states can pose challenges to access. 

In recent times, moderate and progressive politicians have consistently communicated concerns about abortion rights, highlighting the dynamic nature of the discourse surrounding this sensitive issue.

In this respect, the organization called Sanctity of Life is doing excellent work to save the lives of the preborn. According to available data, nearly 70,000 women annually lose their lives due to unsafe abortion, and many others endure serious injuries such as:

  • Infection
  • Hemorrhaging
  • Infertility. 

These consequences not only inflict harm on individual women but also impact their families and entire communities. 

Unfortunately, despite the devastating toll, these outcomes contribute minimally to the reduction of abortion rates. 

Adoption is the way to avoid abortion

Choosing adoption requires going through the entire process of pregnancy and childbirth, after which another family will assume the responsibility of raising the child. 

If you opt for adoption, there are two additional decisions you will need to consider carefully:

  • Are you in favor of an open or closed adoption?
  • Would you instead work with an agency or conduct a direct placement?

Closed adoption

In a closed adoption, after giving birth and placing the child for adoption, there is no contact with the child or adoptive family. 

The adoptive family might choose not to disclose the adoption, and if they do, access to adoption records for the child after attaining the age of 18 depends on state laws and paperwork.

Open adoption

In case of an open adoption, you may be in touch with the family adopting your child. The specifics of the plan will be decided upon in advance. You will be able to express your desires clearly before making any commitments.

Direct placement adoption

Opting for a direct placement adoption allows you to choose the adoptive family. An adoption attorney’s assistance is crucial, with the adoptive family usually covering legal fees. 

The attorney facilitates open or closed adoption decisions and helps establish the contract terms between you and the adoptive family.

Agency adoption

Selecting the right adoption agency is crucial if you decide to place your child for adoption. With numerous agencies available, trust your instincts. If you sense concerns about one agency, consider exploring alternatives. 

Feeling supported throughout the adoption process is vital, so choose an agency that aligns with your needs and provides the necessary assistance.


Navigating an unexpected pregnancy involves complex decisions. While professionally performed abortions are a safe option, they may not be suitable for everyone due to evolving laws and restrictions. 

With nearly 70,000 annual deaths from unsafe abortions, adoption emerges as an alternative, offering choices like open or closed adoption and agency or direct placement. 

Choosing a supportive agency is crucial for those considering adoption, ensuring a compassionate and informed journey through the process.

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