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Greetings From Courselinkfree, Your One-Stop Shop For A Huge Selection Of Free Online Courses On A Variety Of Subjects And Topics. We Will Go Over How Courselinkfree Operates, The Advantages Of Using The Platform, How To Browse The Courses That Are Accessible, And Advice For Making The Most Of Your Educational Experience In This Extensive Guide.

Coursera Inc. (/kərˈsɛrə/) is a for-profit U.S.-based global massive open online course provider founded in 2012 by Stanford University computer science professors Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller.[4] Coursera works with universities and other organizations to offer online courses, certifications, and degrees in a variety of subjects.

On February 2, 2021, Coursera announced its B Corporation certification from B Lab and its transformation into a Public Benefit Corporation.

As of 2023, more than 300 universities and companies were offering courses through Coursera, and by 2024, the number of courses available had risen to approximately 7,000.


Coursera was founded in 2012 by Stanford University computer science professors Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller. Ng and Koller started offering their Stanford courses online in fall 2011, and soon after left Stanford to launch Coursera. Princeton, Stanford, the University of Michigan, and the University of Pennsylvania were the first universities to offer content on the platform.

In 2014 Coursera received both the Webby Winner (Websites and Mobile Sites Education 2014) and the People’s Voice Winner (Websites and Mobile Sites Education) awards.

In March 2021, Coursera filed for an IPO. The nine-year-old company brought in roughly $293 million in revenue for the fiscal year ended December 31 — a 59% growth rate from 2019, according to the filing. Net losses widened by roughly $20 million yearly, reaching $66.8 million in 2020. Coursera spent $107 million on marketing in 2020.


Coursera’s revenues rose from $184 million in 2019 to $294 million in 2020. The company lost $66 million in 2020 as it ramped up marketing and advertising.

For the first quarter of 2021, Coursera reported revenue of $88.4 million, up 64% from a year earlier, with a net loss of $18.7 million, or $13.4 million on a non-GAAP basis. Coursera said consumer revenue was $51.9 million, up 61%, while enterprise revenue was $24.5 million, up 63%, and degree programs had revenue of $12 million, up 81%.

For the third quarter of 2021, Coursera reported revenue of $109.9 million, up 33% from $82.7 million a year ago. Gross profit was $67.7 million or 61.6% of revenue. Net loss was $(32.5) million or (29.5)% of revenue.


The startup raised an initial $16 million funding round backed by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and New Enterprise Associates. In 2013, GSV led the Series B investment, which totaled $63 million. In 2015, NEA led the Series C round of venture funding, which totaled more than $60 million. In 2017, the company raised $64 million from its existing investors in a Series D round of funding. In 2019, the company raised $103 million in Series E round of funding from the SEEK Group, Future Fund and NEA. The company reached valuation of $1 billion+ in 2019. In July 2020, the company announced it had raised $130 million in Series F funding and updated its valuation to $2.5 billion.

Coursera priced its initial public offering (IPO) at $33 per share in New York on March 31, 2021, valuing the company at approximately $4.30 billion. The IPO aimed to raise about $519 million. Coursera’s revenue rose by 59% to $293.5 million in 2020. The IPO included around 14.7 million shares of common stock, with approximately 1.1 million shares offered by selling shareholders.

Business model:

In September 2013, it announced it had earned $1 million in revenue through the sale of verified certificates that authenticate successful course completion. Coursera first rolled out a series of fee-based course options, which included verified credentials for completion, in 2013. As of October 2015, the company had raised a total of $146.1 million in venture capital.

In January 2016, Coursera rolled out fees to earn grades and assessments for “the vast majority of courses that are part of Specializations”. The company offers financial aid to people who demonstrate a need. In July 2016, the company launched an enterprise product called Coursera for Business. TechCrunch notes that the company “opened itself to additional revenues from the lucrative corporate e-learning market, which some reports suggest was worth $12 billion in the US alone”. Coursera for Business customers include L’Oréal, Boston Consulting Group, and Axis Bank. In October 2016, Coursera launched a monthly subscription model for Specializations and a 1-week free trial. The company has said subscription costs will vary “depending on the topic area”.

In January 2017, the company launched Coursera for Governments & Nonprofits. Coursera has announced partnerships with the Institute for Veterans & Military Families (IVMF) in the United States and entities in Egypt, Mongolia, Singapore, Malaysia, Pakistan, and Kazakhstan. In June 2017, Jeff Maggioncalda became the CEO of Coursera.[33][34][35]

In March 2018, Coursera launched six fully online degree courses, including the bachelor’s and master’s qualifications in various domains.

In 2020, reports indicated that Coursera operates on a mixed model, with fewer than 10% of students choosing to pay for courses, whereas the vast majority preferred the free options available. Around 60% of students in degree programs initially explore free courses. Coursera’s CEO describes the platform as a “managed marketplace,” akin to Apple’s app store, where the company curates courses, sets format standards, and establishes pricing guidelines. Revenue sharing varies, with universities receiving 60% of revenue from degree courses, and an even split for certificate courses in technology and business.

Courselinkfree: What Is It?

A Platform Called Courselinkfree Provides A Carefully Chosen Collection Of Free Online Courses From Respectable Universities And Organizations All Over The World. Courselinkfree Gives You Free Access To Excellent Educational Resources That Can Help You Advance Your Profession, Learn A New Skill, Or Pursue A Hobby.

Why Opt For Courselinkfree?


The Accessibility Of Courselinkfree Is One Of Its Main Benefits. From The Convenience Of Your Home, Browse Through A Wide Variety Of Courses Covering Different Subjects, Disciplines, And Skill Levels With Just A Few Clicks.

Cost Effectiveness:

All Of The Courses Available On Courselinkfree Are Entirely Free, As The Name Would Imply. This Implies That You Won’t Have To Worry About Expensive Course Costs In Order To Acquire Top-Notch Instructional Content Or Subscription Fees.


Courselinkfree Provides Scheduling And Pacing Freedom. You Can Learn At Your Own Pace And Fit Your Studies Around Your Current Obligations And Duties Because Most Courses Are Self-Paced.


Courselinkfree Offers A Wide Variety Of Courses To Meet A Wide Range Of Interests And Learning Goals, From Computer Programming And Data Science To Photography And Creative Writing.

Getting Around On Courselinkfree:

Examining Courses:

The Courselinkfree Website Has An Easy-To-Use Layout That Makes It Simple To Navigate Through The Courses That Are Offered. You Can Look Through Curated Collections And Featured Courses, Or Search For Courses By Subject, Keyword, Or Institution.

Course Listings:

Courselinkfree Lists All Of The Necessary Details For Each Course, Including The Title, Description, Length, And Teacher. To Assist You In Selecting The Courses You Want To Take, You Can Also Browse Evaluations And Ratings Left By Previous Attendees.

Admissions Procedure:

Courselinkfree Makes It Easy And Quick To Enroll In A Course. Simply Click The “Enroll” Option After You’ve Selected A Course That Interests You, Then Follow The On-Screen Instructions To Either Establish An Account Or Log In If You Already Have One.

Educational Materials:

After Enrolling, You Will Have Access To An Abundance Of Educational Materials, Such As Reading Lists, Discussion Boards, Quizzes, Assignments, And Video Lectures. These Tools Are Intended To Support Your Interaction With The Course Material And Help You Gain A Deeper Comprehension Of The Subject.

Advice On Making The Most Of Your Education:

Establish Objectives:

Prior To Initiating A Of Course, Spend Some Time Establishing Specific, Attainable Learning Objectives. Having Objectives In Mind Can Help You Stay Motivated And Focused During The Course, Whether Your Goals Are To Expand Your Knowledge, Learn New Skills, Or Be Ready For A Certain Professional Path.

Maintain Organization:

To Keep Yourself Organized And Focused On Your Assignments, Make A Study Plan Or Calendar. Divide More Complex Assignments Into Smaller, More Manageable Portions, And Set Aside Specific Time Every Day Or Week To Study And Finish Homework.

Take An Active Part:

Participate In Discussions, Take Notes, And Pose Questions To Ensure That You Are Actively Engaged With The Course Topics. Never Be Reluctant To Ask Teachers Or Other Students For Clarification Or Further Assistance.

Request Input:

Utilize The Comments And Evaluations That Your Teachers Provide You To Evaluate Your Progress And Pinpoint Areas That Need Work. As You Strive To Become An Expert On The Course Topic, Use Feedback As A Chance To Improve Your Abilities And Understanding.

Get Regular Practice:

Since Repetition Makes Perfect, Make Sure To Put What You’ve Learned Into Practice By Routinely Practicing Concepts And Skills. You Can Improve Your Comprehension And Memory Of The Subject Matter By Practicing With Practical Exercises, Projects, Or Real-World Applications.


There Are A Ton Of Free Options For Personal Growth And Lifetime Learning Available Through Courselinkfree. Courselinkfree Is The Ideal Resource For Anyone Wishing To Increase Their Knowledge, Develop New Skills, Or Just Learn Something New Because Of Its Extensive Library Of Free Online Courses, User-Friendly Layout, And Flexible Learning Options Abilities, Or Follow Their Interests. Why Then Wait? Go To Courselinkfree Now To Discover An Endless Amount Of Educational Opportunities!

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